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Skill Development

Skill building programmes in Jails

The incarceration of sentenced persons in prisons not only lead to stigmatization but also cause their social disorientation owing to their having remained practically cut-off from social integration with the rest of the society. Loss of job, if employed and loss of means of livelihood are also one of the prime ill consequences of the incarceration. Hence, the most important single factor which can facilitate their reintegration with the society and prevent their relapse into crime after release is the economic rehabilitation.

With a view to ensure rehabilitation of the prisoners after their release from prisons, the Department has been imparting training of prisoners in various vocational skills in the Jails. These training programmes provide opportunities for the prison inmates to engage themselves in fruitful pursuits during the term of their sentence in prisons.

There are different Craft Instructors / Craft Supervisor/ Craft Helper and Agricultural Demonstrators proficient in Tailoring, Carpentry, Soap Making, Data Entry Operations, Electrician, Smithy, Bamboo & Cane works, Phenyle, Black Smithy, Weaving, Handloom and Handicrafts etc. engaged in different the different jails of Assam.

All these vocational training programmes enhance employability potential of the prisoners after their release and help in their rehabilitation. The training of prisons inmates in vocational trade has led to the production of articles which have good market value, resulting in gainful productivity of the prison inmates.

Some of the items being produced in the prisoners run industry / workshop / manufactory in the State are given below:

  • Agricultural produce in prison farms
  • Furniture in carpentry workshop
  • Furniture and handicrafts and making in woodwork
  • Readymade garments producing in tailoring sections
  • Furniture and Handicrafts making in black smithy workshops
  • Clothes, gamosha, chadar mekhela, in weaving sections
  • Soap, phenyl and detergent
  • Handloom products

Meanwhile University of Science & Technology (USTM) Meghalaya has already started a training programme on development of Computer Skills and Tailoring. They have provided 5(five) nos. of Computers and 2(two) nos. of sewing machines free of cost for this purpose.