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Government Of Assam Home & Political Assam Prison Headquarters

What We Do

  • Vision

    The vision of the jail department is to make the prisons as vibrant centers of reformation, re-assimilation and re-habilitation of prisoners with dignity.

    The functions, role and responsibilities of the Jail Department as well as the Directorate (Inspectorate General of Prisons) is to make prison a safe place by maintaining the required level of security and discipline and to make the best use of the period of imprisonment for reformation and rehabilitation of prisoners by providing them basic facilities and appropriate correctional treatment with dignity to lead a life as law-abiding, self-supporting and useful members of the society.


    • To provide basic amenities, education, health care, hygienic sanitation, safety and security for prisoners.
    • To impart vocational training for skill up gradation, rehabilitation and social empowerment
    • To instill good values through meditation, yoga and other cultural activities. 
    • To extend facilities for legal aid to prisoners


    • To ensure safe custody of prisoners with proper security and discipline.
    • To provide basic amenities including proper accommodation, sanitation, hygiene and health care.
    • To provide correctional treatment for bridging the gap between the prisoners and the mainstream society for uplifting them morally, mentally and socially.
    • To provide recreational and cultural facilities like physical exercises, Yoga, Meditation, Games and Sports and cultural activities for physical and mental health.
    • To provide work programme with vocational content to facilitate rehabilitation.
    • To provide Legal aid support through empanelled lawyers to the prisoners.
    What We Do
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