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Jail Agriculture

Agricultural and Horticultural activities in the Jails of Assam

Most of the Jails have large and extensive areas adjacent to the jails for agricultural & horticultural activities. Cultivation of paddy, vegetables, plantation of fruit bearing trees are done in all the Jails having cultivable land. The inmates in the Jails are learning new type of skills and ability in trades like agricultural farming, vegetables and horticultural.

Medicinal and fruit tree plantation

A tree plantation drive was under taken in order to create a green environment in the jails. We emphasized plantation of fruit and medicinal trees in the unused, barren lands available in the jail surroundings. About 13 jails were under taken for this best practice and more than 2000 tree seedlings collected from Forest Department in District Headquarters and then planted by the jail officials together which was a significant event. This will help in creating a quiet, calm and green atmosphere across the jail complex.