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Remission of Life Convicts

General remission of life convicts:

Short term and long term convict get remission on 26th January as mentioned below:

  • Prisoners above one year ---- 30 days
  • Prisoners above 6 (six) months up to 1 (one ) year ---- 15 days
  • Prisoners above 3 (three) months up to 6 (six) months ---- 10 days
  • Prisoners above 1 (one) month up to 3 (three) months ---- 5 days

The State Government may, by rules made under this Act, provide for the grant of the following kinds of remission to an inmate under a sentence of imprisonment:

Ordinary remission as incentive for good conduct and work in prison

Special remission as reward for any special service rendered in prison

Provided that the remission granted under the provisions of this sub-section shall be subject to withdrawal, forfeiture or revocation in accordance with rules made under this Act.

State Remission

The appropriate Government may, by general or special orders, grant state remission to the convicted inmates or any category of the convicted inmates on occasions of public importance or public rejoicings.


Any convicted inmate sentenced to imprisonment for a term shall be entitled to be released from prison on his actual period of imprisonment undergone together with remission granted under sub-sections(1) and (2) being equal to such term, but such remission shall not entitle an inmate sentenced to imprisonment for life to be released without specific orders from the appropriate Government remitting his sentence of imprisonment for life.