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Conditional Release of Sick Convicts

Guidelines for processing conditional release of sick convicts

When fatally ill or very old life convicts submit petition for release considering their health status, certain norms to be followed for preparing the proposals:

  • The rule laid in Jail Manual 568 (Page-332) be strictly followed. The Superintendent of Jail may recommend the release certifying the conditions described in Rule 568 (i), (ii) or (iii). The sub Rule narrated in (v) of Rule 568 may also be a cause for consideration of the proposal supported with view of the District Magistrate who has no objection to release the convict. Also there is note that the relatives of convict should be available to look after him if he be released.
    As per sub clause (b) of Rule 568 of Assam Jail Manual, the Superintendent of concerned Jail should submit the proposal to the Government through the Inspector General of Prison in prescribed proforma in duplicate (Form No. 111).
  • The District Level Medical Board should sit to examine the convict and to issue necessary certificate.
  • The conduct report on the convict should be obtained from the District Magistrate and Superintendent of Police of the native District of the prisoner.
  • On having the above mentioned documents the Superintendent of Jail will be at stage of forwarding the conditional release proposal to this end. Other documents like (i) Descriptive Roll (ii) Fine Paid Receipt if fine is to pay (iii) Upto date statement of remission (iv) Leave / Emergency release statement and (v) Additional information required are to be attached with the proposal for release on condition.