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Financial Assistance : Poor Families of Life Convicts

Guidelines to be followed while granting Financial Assistance to the families of life convicts

  • Under the scheme of Financial Assistance to the Families of Life Convicts, financial assistance are required to be provided among the needful families of life convicts who are in dire need of such assistance for their subsistence and welfare, while their bread earners are serving imprisonment.
  • Financial Assistance is provided to a number of most needy families of life convicts of 31 Jails of Assam, who have been in Jail for less than 5 years in consideration of the fact that in the case of the life convicts, financial support is most needed by their families during the initial years of their imprisonment when their families struggle to tide over the difficulties/ sufferings caused by the absence of the bread-earners.
  • During selection of families of life convicts, Jails conduct a survey of the families of the life convicts who have been in Jail for less than 5 years by collecting requisite data from the concerned life convicts as per prescribed format.
  • After collecting the requisite data from the concerned life convicts, Jails short-list the required number of families, whose material condition appears to be comparatively most adverse as per data given by the concerned life convicts.
  • After short-listing the required number of poor families, Jails verify the aforesaid data by visiting the short-listed families of the concerned life convicts for verification and confirmation of the aforesaid data.
  • During the visit of the short-listed families of the concerned life convicts, One Jail Officer not below the rank of Assistant Jailor may be deputed to visit these short-listed families to verify data given by the concerned life convicts. Detailed Report of verification should be recorded by the Officer on the reverse on the Proforma-I and Proforma-II which should include correct information about NOK/Bank accounts etc. and may then be forwarded by Jails to the Assam Prison Headquarters along with Descriptive Rolls of the concerned convicts.
  • The details of the prisoners and their families and also the Check List should be prepared in Annexure-I & Annexure-II respectively and detailed reports of the proposal as per the prescribed format duly filled in and submitted to the Govt. for sanction of the fund.